J11 Nestlé Demo in Marius Mason’s Hometown


Lake Effect EF! (LEEF!) demonstrated @ Nestle’s Ice Mountain bottling plant on June 11th in Stanwood MI, the hometown of Marius Mason.


Marius had organized with Sweetwater Alliance against Nestle’s bottling plant and water wells in Mecosta County, as well as the water shut offs in Detroit in the early 2000’s.

Nestle is currently seeking a permit to increase their withdrawal at White Pine Springs Well #101 from 250 gallons per minute to 400 gallons per minute.

Additionally water shut offs continue in Detroit with 19,000 residents currently losing their access to water. Bottled water has also been utilized as a false solution to the Flint Water Crisis. Rather than being solutions, privatization and water table depletion will only continue to create more ecological and social problems.

We stand in solidarity with Marius and all long term anarchist
prisoners. UNTIL ALL ARE FREE!


Source for wellhead info


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