Observed Contaminates From 2010 Oil Spill Not Subject to Michigan State Law

Updates on the 2010 oil spill are coming out with each No Further Action request Enbridge Energy submits to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.


This is in the NFA request for segment 4 of the Talmadge Creek. Although this is a perfectly legal move on Enbridge’s behalf we need to recognize that things like this exist. The observations are not actionable concerns because Groundwater Aesthetic Impacts are not in Part 201 of NREPA.

Legal maneuvering does not erase signs of contaminates left behind at several locations.


According to Enbridge, residents in the area do not drink the groundwater.  This is located between I-69 and A Drive North along the creek, north of Tau Rd.

Read full NFA law here-   https://fenvalleyearthfirst.files.wordpress.com/2016/11/mcl-324-20114d1.pdf

Read full NFA request for Segment 4 here- https://fenvalleyearthfirst.files.wordpress.com/2016/11/enbridge-nfa-segment-4_541293_7.pdf



Written comments are being accepted on an Intent to Approve an unrestricted residential No Further Action (NFA) Report for the Enbridge Oil Spill – Talmadge Creek, Segment 4 (Mile Post 1.00 to Mile Post 2.02) a site of environmental contamination located on Talmadge Creek between I-69 and A Drive North, south of Marshall, Michigan. Contamination at the site was caused by the release of crude oil from the Enbridge Line 6B pipeline rupture on July 26, 2010. Crude Oil, contaminated soil, and impacted surface water were removed from the site during remedial activities. Subsequent soil, sediment, and surface water remedial investigations indicate exceedances of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act (NREPA), Part 201 residential criteria do not remain. The proposed unrestricted NFA would not prohibit residential use of the property. The NFA Report is available for review at the Marshall District Library, 124 W. Green Street, Marshall, MI 49068, the Galesburg Memorial Library, 188 E. Michigan Avenue, Galesburg, MI 49053, and the Willard Library, 7 W. Van Buren Street, Battle Creek, MI 49017. A copy will also be available for review during normal business hours at the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, Kalamazoo District Office, 7953 Adobe Road, Kalamazoo, Michigan 49009. Written comments should be mailed by December 12, 2016 to Chris Lantinga, DEQ, Remediation and Redevelopment Division, 7953 Adobe Road, Kalamazoo, Michigan49009. Information Contact: Chris Lantinga, Remediation and Redevelopment Division; 269 548-7182; email at lantingac@michigan.gov.

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