Hundreds visit Ceo of Skanska’s home – No New Animal Lab keeps up the pressure!

Hudson Valley Earth First!


During this weekends #‎StormSkanska‬‪#‎SwarmNY‬ events, hundreds march on Skanska CEO Richard Cavallaro’s house in Huntington NY on Saturday to protest their plans to build an underground animal testing lab on the university of Washington campus in Seattle.  This comes one day after approximately 170 activists, including acclaimed actor and Hudson Valley resident James Cromwell, gathered outside of Skanska USA headquarters, located on the 32nd floor of the Empire State Building, to protest the construction of the lab.


Cavallaro was home with private security, but folks were determined to disrupt his peace and quiet and expose his dirty little secret to his neighbors. He definitely felt the pressure and was clearly not happy with our presence. His horrified face staring down the mass protest outside his house was all the indication we needed to know that we stirred the hornet’s nest.


Two  people were arrested and released for…

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