Disruption, Corrosion, Organize, Ballot Drive, Year 5, and J11

Here is a quick update of news, and upcoming stuff in the region.

–> MiCATS disrupts guvner Snide(r) to call attention to Enbridge’s Line 5! Click for story!

Governor Snyder thought he would be talking policy on the island of Mackinac, MiCATS had something else in mind!

–> Enbridge’s Line 5 Attacked by Zebra Mussels! Click for Story!

This is actually pretty serious and could accelerate a dangerous situation two of the Great Lakes are in.

–> Flood the System Mid-West Summit Draws Near! Click for Details!

Goes to Facebook event where you will find more than I will tell you here. Remember Fearless Summer? Wish an entire continent was collaborating to improve on a similar call for action? Flood the System seems to be just that and more!

–>The Committee to Ban Fracking in Michigan has started collecting signatures for their ballot initiative to not only ban Horizontal Hydraulic Fracturing in Michigan, but also the acidization of frack wells, brine disposal wells from horizontal fracking (no out of state waste accepted, nor in state waste produce/ stored). Visit their website and plug in to join the fight against fracking in Michigan!


–> Remember the largest inland oil spill this continent has ever experienced? We do. So do many other activists working in this region to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the Kalamazoo oil spill. What can you do to help everyone remember this atrocious event?  http://www.kzoo5.com/

–> Don’t forget that June 11th is International Day of Solidairty with Marius Mason, Eric McDavid, and All Long Term Anarchist Prisoners. Look for events to be posted here, or be creative, but stay safe, and definately continue the struggle that so many are sacrificing years of their lives for.


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