Direct Action Training at Heartwood’s 25th Anniversary!


Direct Action Training to Be Held at 25th Anniversary Heartwood Forest Council

From May 22nd-25th, Heartwood will be holding its 25th Anniversary Forest Council in Paoli, Indiana. For the first time ever, a concurrent Direct Action training will also be occurring alongside the Forest Council. The Direct Action training will provide participants with the tools of campaign strategy and various tactics geared toward stopping bad people from doing bad things. (i.e. logging/extraction/pipelines, the State) Participants in this tract will learn how these skills can be used in conjunction with other campaign tactics to win. Expect lively discussion and even more hands-on experience.

Pre-registration is recommended to help trainers prepare accordingly. To register and learn more, visit Limited work-trade and financial assistance is available to help defray costs. Email for more information.
For 25 years, Heartwood has coordinated vital campaigns for forest protection, launched dynamic new organizations, gathered activists together for education and enjoyment in beautiful places, and built a community of people across the hardwood region who help each other to protect the places they love.


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