We Stand With Chris Wahmhoff!

freewahmerpicThis morning we adorned a billboard on I-94 near the Kalamazoo/Calhoun county line close to mile marker 90. The message, “Spill Still Not Clean By 2015!- FREE WAHMHOFF”, was hoisted in solidarity with Chris “The Whammer” Wahmhoff.

Chris “The Sultan of Sesh” Wahmhoff, who rode a skateboard into Enbridge’s pipeline 6b in 2013, will be sentenced today for the “crimes” of trespassing (misdemeanor) and resisting/obstructing an officer (felony). The Whammer’s righteous pipe session lasted an astounding 10 hours; this extreme wheel-surfer shut down an entire days’ work with a mere trick stick, and a giant heart.

Enbridge, who spilled 1 million gallons of tar sands oil into the Kalamazoo River (circa 2010), refuses to fully clean up their mess.

Chris “The Prince of Thrash” Wahmhoff has also assisted in bringing the remnants of the 2010 spill to the surface. Through many educational displays and informative videos, Chris explains that s-CHRIS-WAHMOFF-large“tarballs” are the remaining tar sands that have settled on the bed of the Kalamazoo River (along with the chemical dispersant Corexit). Wahmhoff has found formations in not only areas of the river where Enbridge claims to have cleaned up, but also in areas beyond the Morrow Dam, where Enbridge claims to have contained the spill.

In solidarity with Christopher “The King of Gnar” Wahmhoff,


Fen Valley Earth First!


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