We exist//what’s a stake?

Fen Valley Earth First! formed in and around the Kalamazoo river valley in late 2014.

allied landfill

In the southern lower peninsula, of a state referred to as Michigan, exists biologically unique wetlands known as prairie fens. Prairie fens occur where cold, calcareous, groundwater-fed springs reach the surface. The flow rate and volume of groundwater through a fen strongly influence vegetation patterning; thus, the community typically contains multiple, distinct zones of vegetation, some of which contain prairie grasses and forbs.

The map exhibits the range of these wetlands within the borders of the once young colony- Michigan


The Michigan Department of Natural Resources states that “prior to European settlement prairie fens were undoubtably more numerous than they are today. Agriculture and urban development in Michigan have disrupted ground water flow and destroyed wetlands, including prairie fens.”

Development persists. In a sea of concrete, rust, and superfund sites- we seek sanctuary in many small oases that dot our landscape. The lush forests, rivers, and wetlands continue to be ravaged by an escalating pattern of profitable “oopsies” and “now we knows”. These fragmented areas are facing a rapid encroachment of urban/suburban development, as wells as the monocultural Roundup Ready expansion of two massive GMO seed corn operations. The implementation of High Volume Hydraulic Fracturing threatens forests down south and the active expansion up north continues despite the copious amount of fresh water this industry exploits. The Great Lakes are lined with outdated nuclear power plants and bisected with a tar sands pipeline– it’s only a matter of time before the beds and shores of Lake Michigan and Lake Huron resemble the Kalamazoo River in 2010.


Industrial civilization’s capacity to risk, exploit, and destroy Mother Earth is unabashedly on parade.


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